Welcome to Kupo Grip professional lighting support & grip equipment  world wide web. leading manufacturer of 

professional lighting support & grip equipment, Kupo has established a high reputation for quality and innovation. We hope through

this web we are able to offer more detail information and service to all of our customers.



The success of Kupo Grip is a result of our commitment to those who work behind the scenes in the motion pictures, television

and photography.  With listening to value customers and Kupo experienced research & development team, innovative and unique

products have been offered in the industry to help you to do your job with greater ease and efficiency.



All Kupo grip products have been designed and machined to give the strict quality and long lasting durability in harsh production 

environments to meet the international safety regulations. Therefore, the certifications such as TUV-GS, CE, UL and CUL are 

obtained on the electrical  products and most popular Convi clamps, couplers, safety wires and Wind-up stands.


As always we appreciate your encourage and input that make us offer better service and products to meet your requirements.





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