KH-55 / Series (Goat leather)

KU-HAND is a rugged and professional glove designed to protect users hands for any task. The ergonomic fit is comfortable for any user. Padded mesh on leather top is excellent for ventilation; two-way stretch creates flexibility. Synthetic leather palm is soft and durable. Extra layer of leather on palm, index finger and thumb for better strength and protection. Smooth texture of fingers and reinforced fingertips make it perfect for handling objects and reduce wear and tear. 


Cat. No. Size Color
KH-55 MB Medium Black
KH-55 LB Large Black
KH-55 XLB Extra large Black
KH-55 MB XXLB Double extral large Black



Kupo Grip Utility Glove Gripper Kupo Grip Utility Glove Gripper

KCP-349 / Utility Glove Gripper

Primary designed for holding a work glove with the PVC coated spring clamp, the utility glove gripper comes with a swivel snap locking hook allowing you to keep anything clipped on a waist belt or tool bag. In addition, the utility glove gripper has many different uses for example: clipping tools, golf towels, hats, wet suits, back packs, and more.

Weight: 38g (1.34oz)


Kupo Grip Mini Quick-Release AdapteKupo Grip Mini Quick-Release Adapte

KS-702 / Mini Quick-Release adapter

Made of nickel-plated brass, the quick release ball locking adapter comes with a stainless chain wire on one side and a spring clip on the other. It provides a great carrying solution for your gloves, spanners, straps and any tools which can be hold through a dia. 2mm wire and 10cm in length. The quick release ball locking adapter allows you totake off  and lock your tools just in a snap.

Weight: 30g (1oz)