KUPO Grip / 2” Coupler w/ Swivel Mounting Camera Plat

KCP-654 / 2” Coupler w/ Swivel Mounting Camera Plate

Constructed from heavy-duty steel ball head engineered with camera mounting plate and aluminum coupler for 2” (48-51mm) tube, this gizmo provides a great mounting solution to your video camera for fast and easy car mount rigging. The camera plate has standard hole pattern with threaded bore and slots allowing dovetail slide plate or camera to apply on it directly. The ratchet handle together with ball head gives the greatest ability to adjust camera in any desired position. High tensile-strength aluminum coupler is made to fasten on 2” (48-51mm) tube and offers the greatest flexibility for the set to move around while different circular angle is required.

Weight: 1.85kg (4.07lbs)